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IITT School of Animation provides

  • Diploma in Multimedia
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Web Designing
  • Audio & video Editing
  • DTP
  • Kids Short term Courses

  • Kids Animation
  • Kids 2D & 3D
  • Kids Web Designing
  • DTP

Welcome To Student Support

'The only thing that is constant in this world is change' precisely that is where the clutter sets in the field of education. Student support was thus born out of necessity .It was established in 1995 and today is a trendsetter in facilitating Education to aspiring students.


'Change' is the only constant in this world.

The concept of distance education started as early as the 18th century and was better known as 'correspondence courses'. With the advent of industrialization and the consequent development in technology distance education entered the virtual age.

Learning opportunities improved exponentially. However in India it has still not attained the desired quality even though there are scores of Universities offering this medium to study under various streams of education. All said and done education was in a constant state of flux. Tirupur being the hub of garment manufacturing and exports was riding a crest in the international market and every second person got into export business in whatever capacity they could.

About Founder

In this scenario Mr.A.S.Mohan Kumar a young entrepreneur from Tirupur was daringly different. His focus was on education with the main motive being to convert the unskilled youth worker to a skilled worker.

He started in a small but significant way establishing 'Sai Education Trust' in the year 1998. In this he started CED (Center for entrepreneurship development). Madurai Kamaraj University partnered with CED to provide a study centre for aspiring students of distance education. 'SITEC' and CED started a collaborative program. Training was imparted to thousands of marginalized women of self help groups which added value and facilitated their activities. In the year 2001 the floodgates opened and a good number of Universities came forward to partner with CED. Notable among them are Algappa University, Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu Open University, Periyar University and Vinayaga Mission University. Later CED evolved as a resource centre for fashion technology. Distance Education in Tirupur,Distance Education in Coimbatore.

The year 2004 saw the Indian Institute Of Technical Training being established a community initiative with IGNOU / Bharathiar University / Algappa University partnering CED. Consequently Karnataka State Open University tied up with CED and 104 centers was opened countrywide.

Keeping up with trends a centre for Animation Course was established with strategic tie up with Pentamedia Graphics Chennai.

All said and done the most important aspect of success 'Communication" and language skills in English was lacking in the student and the working community. With a view to provide the edge in communication and language Indian Institute Of Language Training was started in 2012.

Studentsupport.co.in provides a common platform for all the activities of Sai Education Trust and CED. At present we have a 6000 strong student base

Studentsupport.co.in is predominantly an Education Centric and information dissemination site for students at large.